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Duff-Norton has been manufacturing Acme and Ball Screws and Nuts for our actuator products for decades, and is now applying those years of experience to bring you an expanded assortment of screws and nuts for your application requirements. Acme Screws & Nuts offer excellent load ratings and Centralizing class screw & nut assemblies. Ball Screws & Nuts offer excellent load ratings, 90% efficiency, and long predictable life ratings.
Mounting Components

Mounting Components: Clevis ends
For certain applications it may be desirable to rotate the acme or ball nut around a non-rotating and firmly fixed screw. Duff-Norton provides standard End Plates and Clevis Ends attachments for such applications. Please download the "Mounting Components" PDF above for more information on either Clevis Ends or End Plates.

Mounting Components: End plates