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LINEAR ACTUATORS This Duff-Norton product line of actuators features load capacities ranging from 27 pounds to 25 Tons, gear or belt driven, acme screw and ball screw systems with various AC and DC input voltages. Duff-Norton Linear Actuators are specially designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These actuators are used for opening and closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting and lowering and positioning. Applications include gates, dampers, oven and processing tank doors, antennas, orthopedic tables and other medical equipment, ergonomic furniture, and agricultural equipment, etc. Custom designs are also available for special applications. Linear Actuators are now being used in place of pneumatics and hydraulics when high maintenance and environmental problems (leaking hydraulic oil) are a concern.
Linear Actuator Application Analysis Form

Duff-Norton Engineers will be pleased to make recommendations for your specific requirements. There is no obligation for this service - simply complete the form below.

If you would like to discuss your application with a Duff-Norton engineer, call 1-800-477-5002.

If you prefer,  Click Here to print a blank Application Analysis Form, complete the form, and send to Duff-Norton at the fax number or address shown below.

If you would like to send a sketch of your application or design drawings in complete confidence, mail or fax to:

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