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ROTARY UNION ® transfers media (water, steam, air, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc) from a stationary source to rotating machinery, such as a drum or an indexing table. They are used in process industries such as; paper, printing, rubber and plastics, textile and chemical. Rotary Unions are also used on cranes, machine tools and many other applications. Duff-Norton Rotary Unions are used to provide heating or cooling media like steam, hot oil, water or coolant to control the surface temperature of a drum or roll, to transfer air or hydraulic fluid to moving components or to add fluids to mixers while in motion. Rotary unions, rotary joints and rotating joints ranging up to 750 psi and up to 5,000 RPM are available.

Water, Air, Hydraulic Fluid

3,625 PSI


250º F

1,500 RPM

1/4" to 1" NPT or MT
BSP & BSPP Available

Nickel Treated Carbon Steel Construction. Stainless Steel Models also Available.

Mono Flow Configurations

*See performance charts for details

Features & Benefits
  • Either axial (straight through) nickel plated housing or radial (90 degree) inlet with aluminum housing for maximum flexibility.
  • Suitable for speeds up to 1,500 RPM.
  • Available in sizes from 1/4" to 1" NPT & MT.
  • Equipped with a GR seal design that allows bi-directional rotation.