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MODULAR ACTUATORS allow use in a wide range of applications by matching standard actuator models with AC or DC electric, air, hydraulic or explosion-proof drive units. The rotating screw models, featuring a traveling lift nut, permit reliable load positioning in locations which are relatively free of dust, dirt and moisture. Translating tube units, with an enclosed lifting screw and translating tube, are specified when environmental contamination is anticipated. Optional limit switches and transducers are also available for both actuator types.
  • Rated loads from 2,000 lbs., depending on actuator gear ratio and motor horsepower
  • Lifting speeds to 170 in./min. (varied with load and hp/rpm of motor)
  • Standard travel up to 24 inches. (consult Duff-Norton engineering for longer travel options)
Features & Benefits
  • Integral 56 frame, C-face mounting flange.
  • Three-piece flexible coupling for easy motor assembly (included).
  • Four threaded holes in base for standard clevis end accessory attachment. Tapped 1/2-20 UNF-2B.
  • Ball-bearing type screw and mating nut with rolling contact reduces friction to a minimum providing capability for higher speed and longer life with less power requirement.    
  • Steel worm and bronze gear set for quiet operation. Available in 5:1 and 20:1 ratios.   
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum housing is corrosion resistant.
  • Standard grease fitting on housing for easy lubrication of worm gear.
  • Stop-disc at end of lifting screw prevents inadvertent run-off of ball nut.